The Collection

The Roadmap


On 21st March we launched our website and blog.


We launched our NFT collection with 10 unique pieces, and we are continuing to create more.


The global news took notice, and for the first time 60 members of parliament signed a bill pledging to change the law


We will continue adding pieces to our collection to free as many women as possible, and raising awareness about Al Gharemaat, until they are a thing of the past.

Who we are

The “Care of Children of Female Prisoners Association” was established in 1990. The association aims to promote the rights of women in Egypt, especially the Al Gharemaat, who are imprisoned simply because they couldn´t pay back their debts.

They also aim to empower these women economically so they can support their families once they are freed from prison. The goal of this project is to use funds collected to clear any debts the women have accumulated. Any extra money collected on top of the necessary amount will go towards their education and rehabilitation.

98 Maosadak St. – Dokki. Giza, Egypt

+202 3336 8944