Tens of thousands of women in Egypt are sentenced to prison every year.

Their crime? Not being able to pay debts, sometimes amounting to only a few dollars.

These women are simply known as
“Al Gharemaat” or “The Fined”.

We want to break these women’s chains, with a collection of NFTs created by artists from around the world.

Inspired by their heartbreaking stories, each NFT carries a powerful meaning and the way to set a woman free and reunite her with her family.

The NFTs in the “Breakchains with Blockchain” collection are priced at the amount of money needed to pay off each woman’s debt.

Together we can break their chains and give them a second chance.


“Breakchains with Blockchain” is an NFT collection available through Opensea.io, purchasable using the Polygon Network. This is instead of the Ethereum Network, which charges extra fees, this is because we want to ensure no money is wasted and as much as possible goes to free the women.

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