Tens of thousands of women in Egypt are sentenced to prison every year.

Their crime? Not being able to pay debts, sometimes amounting to only a few dollars.

These women are simply known as
“Al Gharemaat” or “The Fined”.

We want to break these women’s chains, with a collection of NFTs created by artists from around the world.

Inspired by their heartbreaking stories, each NFT carries a powerful meaning and the way to set a woman free and reunite her with her family.

The NFTs in the “Breakchains with Blockchain” collection are priced at the amount of money needed to pay off each woman’s debt.

Together we can break their chains and give them a second chance.


“Breakchains with Blockchain” is an NFT collection available through, purchasable using the Polygon Network. This is instead of the Ethereum Network, which charges extra fees, this is because we want to ensure no money is wasted and as much as possible goes to free the women.

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The Collection

The Roadmap


On 21st March we launched our website and blog.


We launched our NFT collection with 10 unique pieces, and we are continuing to create more.


The global news took notice, and for the first time 60 members of parliament signed a bill pledging to change the law


We will continue adding pieces to our collection to free as many women as possible, and raising awareness about Al Gharemaat, until they are a thing of the past.

Who we are

The “Care of Children of Female Prisoners Association” was established in 1990. The association aims to promote the rights of women in Egypt, especially the Al Gharemaat, who are imprisoned simply because they couldn´t pay back their debts.

They also aim to empower these women economically so they can support their families once they are freed from prison. The goal of this project is to use funds collected to clear any debts the women have accumulated. Any extra money collected on top of the necessary amount will go towards their education and rehabilitation.

98 Maosadak St. – Dokki. Giza, Egypt

+202 3336 8944


NFTs are non-fungible tokens. This is a digital asset, stored decentrally on the Blockchain, that can be traded and sold. They come with a unique digital signature that designate the ownership of the asset.
We are using the Polygon network, this means you are able to purchase an NFT either directly with a credit card, or using cryptocurrency (specifically Ethereum or Polygon wrapped Ethereum).
We recommend you check with your country’s regulations about buying and selling NFTs, and cryptocurrency.
We have chosen the Polygon network because the charges for buying and selling NFTs are very low. This is because we want to ensure that as much money as possible is raise to pay the debts and fines of these women, and any extra money we make goes towards helping to fund their further education and rehabilitation.
Once you purchase an NFT it is your digital asset to sell or trade.
Yes, the NFT is a digital asset you can share on social media. The unique digital signature connects it directly to you. However, social media sites may not be fully equipped to show the NFT in the original format, without cropping or resizing.
We recommend you set up a digital wallet with MetaMask. We have included a tutorial on the site.
We have chosen to use Polygon because the fees are very low. Polygon is a crypto network that runs alongside the Ethereum Blockchain. You can buy and sell Polygon on a crypto exchange.
A recovery phrase is a unique password that will act as the master key to your crypto wallet. When you set up your wallet you will be shown this one time, we recommend you write this phrase down in a secure location, and do not share it with anyone.
This is as secure as any other crypto market purchase, as long as you keep your passwords safe and do not share them.
Yes, we welcome all donations through our website:
Yes, all the NFTs are shared on our gallery wall on our website.
Your NFT will be stored in your Crypto wallet, you can view this by entering your password.
No, you only need to connect your wallet if you are planning to buy with crypto.
Each NFT is priced at the amount needed to clear each woman’s debt, for which she was sentenced, plus an additional contingency amount. This is because when you buy and sell NFTs with crypto there are fees, we want to make sure the NFTs sold raise enough funds to completely erase the debt.
They are an NGO based in Egypt who work to help free the Al Gharemaat from prison, and take care of their children. It is headed by Ms. Nawal Mustafa, winner of the "Hope Maker" award from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, she founded the Children of Female Prisoners Foundation in 1990.
We will be sharing the stories of each woman’s journey on our social media accounts.
Al Gharemaat are women in Egypt who have been sentenced to prison because they are unable to pay back their loans. The amounts they borrow are usually only a few hundred dollars.